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Frequently Asked Questions

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Builder and Handyman Hire

Q1. What happens if i damage your equipment?

If the equipment is damaged due to misuse or abuse while in your care, it is your responsibility. It is advisable to contact us as soon as possible in these situations.

Q2. Do I need to clean the equipment before i return it?

Yes , we would like you to make a reasonable effort to remove any dirt , dust or concrete that has occurred during your use.

Q3. What should I do if a machine stops working?

Refer to any manual supplied and/or phone us to describe the problem. If our equipment fails on site we will deliver a replacement. We request that you do not attempt repairs yourself or fiddle with tools and equipment (everyone is not a mechanic).

Q4. What happens if I’m late returning equipment?

Our hire fees are based on the time our equipment is out, not on the time used. You will be charged additional hire fees. Please refer to Building Equipment Terms and Conditions for our half-day, 24-hour and weekly rates.

Q5. Do I pay when i pick up?

Yes, all hire fees must be paid prior to delivery or pick-up. Please be aware that we also charge a deposit on some items.


Weddings and Party Hire

Q6. What Is the party hire-fee per day?

Most weddings and parties take place over a weekend. Our party hire rates generally cover the period from Friday afternoon to Monday morning (or next working day).

Q7. Does the hire fee cover breakages?

NO. If you break or damage something there will be a charge.

Q8. Do I need to wash or clean the items before I return them, or before you pick them up?

YES – the only exception is linen. Although we pass all returned items through a comercial dishwasher, when items are returned unclean this process can take a lot longer so a cleaning fee will apply. All our items are supplied to you professionally cleaned, wrapped or boxed.

Q9. Can I decorate the marquee I have booked?

Yes by all means. However please be aware that any dyed or coloured paper decorations such as streamers or crepe paper will stain marquee fabrics permanently. Stains etc. require repair and damaged marquees will be replaced at your expense.

Q10. We would like to have a fire at our party. What is the minimum safe distance to light a fire from the marquee?

We can only rely on your common sense when it comes to a safe distance or the prevailing wind direction. Please note that we have had damage occur in the past and this is totally the responsability of the people in charge on site. It is always advisable to seek permission from your local fire brigade before planning an outdoor fire.

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