Centrally located in Mullumbimby, our professional and experienced staff members are always here to provide you with the knowledge you need to keep a clean and functional pool throughout the whole year.

pumps, filters and chlorinators

Mullumbimby Hire has over a decade of experience in supplying and installing pumps, filters and chlorinators – and our main goal is customer satisfaction! With access to the leading brands in pool equipment, you can be sure that we are supplying your pool with the best to help with pool maintenance!

EvoFlow Pumps incorporate the latest technology in design and construction to produce high performance, low noise, energy saving pumps that are ideal for any situation that demands maximum output. You won’t be disappointed with the range of motors to select from, all of which also boast a design that is insect and vermin resistant.

EvoClear high performance sand filters are here to make your life easier! With a super reliable Multi-Port Valve, even a pool novice can start performing backwashes and the like. The tank has been designed for commercial performance with quiet operation, perfect for those backyard pools with a lot of neighbours. Also available are top of the line D.E. Filters, Trimline Cartridge Filters and much more.

EvoChlor salt water chlorinators boast some of the most recent technology for chlorinating pools. Most importantly they have proven reliability in our harsh Australian conditions as well as a battery backup timer just in case! With easy to use controls and a self-cleaning cell, this really is the easiest and most effective chlorinator we can recommend.

Evolution equipment is our number one choice for keeping a clean pool! Everything is long lasting, salt and mineral compatible, proudly Australian made and offer a variety of warranty options. Let us take the hassle out of keeping a functioning pool – Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information!

automatic pool cleaner

From basic suction cleaners to the most advanced robotic cleaners; we can supply equipment that will suit everybody’s individual needs and preferences. With very little effort on your part, an automatic pool cleaner can assist in keeping a sparkling pool by targeting the debris that collects on your pool surface. This reduces the risks of stains and algae growth and helps keep the pool looking clean 24 hours of the day. Come in today and see which cleaner is the best for you and your pool!

Zodiac’s range of automatic pool cleaners all incorporate the exclusive Barracuda Technology that has made this product the number one choice for pool owners for over 20 years. Our preferred choice is the Zodiac G2 (Baracuda G2). Suitable for use on all surfaces in, in-ground and above ground pools, watch as the quiet diaphragm operation cleans the entire floor of your pool.

The Onga Lil’ Hammer pool cleaner operates similarly to the reliable barracuda technology. Boasting only 1 moving part, owing a pool cleaner does not get much easier than this one! Quiet diaphragm suction and efficient at its job, don’t let the budget price put you off!

Pentair’s Rebel pool cleaner is using up to date technology to bridge the gap between suction cleaners and robotics. This one is perfect for extra thorough coverage of floors and walls and has a design that can collect larger debris then most cleaners. Only suitable for in ground pools, but still certainly worth considering for those pools with hard to reach corners!


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